We commemorate: Simpson and his donkey

Englishman Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick, a stretcher-bearer for the 3rd Field Ambulance, landed on Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. While stationed there, he rescued wounded soldiers with the help of a small pack of sure-footed donkeys. Unfortunately, his bravery was short-lived, as Simpson was killed less than four weeks later. Nevertheless, the story of Simpson and his donkey has become legend.

Simpson's donkey "Murphy", and 'all the donkeys used by John Simpson Kirkpatrick' (as cited on the certificate), was posthumously awarded an RSPCA Purple Cross Award in 1997 - an award established in recognition of animals who risked their lives to save a person from injury or death. Three animals have received this award for acts of bravery undertaken during their wartime service: "Murphy" the donkey (First World War); a dog named "Smoky" (Second World War); and "Sarbi" the Explosive Detection Dog (Afghanistan).

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