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ANZAC DAY 2024 - Every year on the 25th of April, Australia remembers the service and sacrifice of our men and women who have served in conflicts around the world. In the spirit of commemoration, we invite you to explore our Anzac Day range.

Anzac Day at the Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is a site of national commemoration on Anzac Day.

Visit the Memorial's website to learn more about commemorative events and ceremonies.

(Image: AWM24.PR.016._K4A0708)

Rosemary for remembrance

Grown on the Gallipoli peninsula, sprigs of rosemary are traditionally worn on Anzac Day.

Learn more about the significance of rosemary.

Anzacs for our ANZACs

From soldier's ration packs during the First World War, to school lunchboxes today, the Anzac biscuit is deeply tied to Australia's national identity and serves as a "culinary memorial" (Supski, 2006) to the First World War.

Learn more about the military origins of the humble Anzac biscuit.