Cor Infinitus

Cor Infinitus gives dignity and respect to military and emergency service personnel who have taken their own lives, through the establishment of memorials in acknowledgement of their service. The memorials aim to destigmatise mental illness and assist in suicide prevention.

The Cor Infinitus commemorative range is designed with careful consideration given to the wording, symbols and colours used. 'Cor' is Latin for 'heart' and the root word for 'courage', while 'infinitus' is Latin for 'infinite' or 'boundless' - together, referring to the boundless love and strength needed to speak one's mind or reveal their heart in aftermath of tragic loss. The infinity loop symbol echoes this meaning, and is represented in gold which indicates the value placed on each live lost. Coupled with a green rosemary sprig, the overall design centres on military remembrance.

Proceeds from the sales of their commemorative range goes towards supporting the work of Cor Infinitus, who assist in generating the resources required to establish a Memorial. Learn more about Cor Infinutus at