Wartime is changing

Learn more about the upcoming changes to Wartime magazine.

Wartime magazine - the next chapter

Since 2019 the Australian War Memorial has been undertaking a major program of redevelopment of our galleries and buildings. This year, these changes will also include a thorough review and rebuild of Wartime.

While the Memorial may still continue to share printed materials in the future, Wartime magazine will cease to be published in its current format from April 2024. 

This means that Issue #106 will be the final Wartime magazine to be printed in its current format. 

The format of Wartime is changing. Issue #106 will be the final Wartime magazine to be printed in its current format.

Unfortunately, this means your subscription will not be fulfilled. We understand this will be disappointing for many subscribers, and apologise the inconvenience.

A refund on your subscription will be available for any Wartime subscription issues that you have paid for but won’t receive.

Subscription management and distribution is handled by MagShop. MagShop will process all refunds directly - funds will be returned to the customer who purchased the subscription.

If you have any queries or concerns about your refund, please contact MagShop directly on ph. 13 61 16.

The next chapter of Wartime is still under development.

Careful consideration is being given to how the Memorial delivers military history content to new and existing audiences.

While we understand Wartime’s audience is passionate about the printed magazine, the Memorial is focused on growing its audience to reach people online and in digital forms.

In late 2024 we hope to expand the delivery of military history content to our evolving audiences, including digital subscribers.

When the time is right, the Memorial will provide information about the release of the new Wartime, in whatever form it takes, through various media streams, including our e-newsletter and social media platforms.

Current subscribers and those interested in learning more about the future of Wartime are encouraged to join our mailing list.

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If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact the Memorial's Media team at media@awm.gov.au or ph. (02) 6243 4575.