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FEBRUARY 2024 - National Day for War Animals is observed annually on 24 February. This month, explore our commemorative range, in remembrance of all animals in war.

About National Day for War Animals

National Day for War Animals recognises the service and sacrifice of animals in war, and it is observed annually on the 24th of February.

(Image: AWM B01479)

Remembering all animals in war

Throughout Australia’s military history, animals have been deployed alongside troops in times of war, serving as transport, messengers, protectors and even mascots or pets. These creatures, great and small, were dutiful, offered companionship, and demonstrated acts of bravery whilst in service - saving the lives of many Australian soldiers.

(Image: AWM P07849.005)

The Purple Poppy

The poppy has long been a symbol of remembrance.

The purple poppy, also known as the "Animal Poppy", was chosen to commemorate the deeds and sacrifices of all animals in war.

(Image: AWM2019.4.202.01)